Sherry, who?

You own a business.  Every bit of advice, every article, every business coach tells you to start a blog to connect with your customers and generate leads.  Social this and WordPress that…you end up staring at a blank screen with no direction on where to start.

I can help, in a big way.

I’m Sherry Pardy, and I want to tell your story.

Back in the day, I was just a lady with a laptop, spinning stories about my kids on the interwebs.  We called that Mommyblogging and it seems like eons ago.  Today, I’m still a filterless writer, but now I use my superpowers as a storyteller, social media specialist, and SMO content creator for small businesses looking to make connections that translate into leads and grow organizations.

I’ve been published a bunch of times, talking about parenting and The 5 Things Every New Twin Parents Need, Life Hacks and How to Print Passport Photos on a Home Printer,  Personal Finance and The Importance of Managing your Credit, and of course, a little pop culture…Kate Gosselin, Former Mom-Hero.

I’m currently working on a book about dating over 40, and am always open to new projects.  Want to collaborate?  Let’s talk about how we can tell your story over coffee.